Easy ways to be a freelance web developer in 2020

Freelancing Web Developers
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Watch This Before Becoming A Freelancer Web Developer

Today I’m talking to the newbie freelance web developer and web agency owners.

I’ve spoken with many web developers who have amazing skills but don’t know where to start with freelancing.

Here are some really great ways to get started IMMEDIATELY.

Getting Clients:

To get a job, you first need to find someone who needs work!
An easy to to get your first client is reaching out to your network. Friends and family may not always be looking for web development work, but they may know someone who does and can leave GREAT reviews.

Other than that, getting clients quickly will be much easier if they already looking for you.


Luckily they already exist, and they are generating billions of dollars. This means their freelancers (you) are potentially making more!

Create accounts on websites like Fiverr, UpWork, and Freelancer. Make sure you have a professional photo, and a description that talks about your services and experience.

Bonus points if you have a website with your portfolio on it!!

Building Trust

Reviews are crucial for getting new work, this is an already known fact. We already covered why using your network may be the easiest way to get great reviews.

But let’s say you can’t get reviews from your network.
You’re in luck because there are tons of sellers on Fiverr and various websites that will help you put your website or service on news websites like FOX, ABC, MSNBC, Digital Journal, and many more!

All you have to do is write an article about your service or business and these sellers will distribute your article to all these different news websites.

This is so powerful because your potential clients can see your name associated with huge brands. (Great for local networking events as well)

Just Taking Action

Don’t be obsessed with trying to figure everything out before starting. You’re just wasting time and you’re wasting money on wasted opportunities passing you by.


If you decide to not use the tips I’ve already given you, then at least take action and get started.

Nothing will teach you faster, or get you more results than just starting and getting your first job.

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