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We Are Boss Babe Bouncers!

Hey there, party animals! Get hyped for our awesome stylish bounce houses at your next bash in Las Vegas!

We've got balloons, bumper cars, and even a bubble house to keep the good times rolling. And don't worry, we're established - licensed and insured. Let's make memories that will keep you bouncing with joy!

We've got a ton of awesome options to make your celebration one for the books!

Ooh la la, check out our totally awesome selection of party packages! We’ve got everything from chill and casual setups to full-blown ragers.

Balloon Arches + Backdrops

Don't let the party pop! We've got some floating fun up our sleeves...or rather, up in the air!

Bounce Houses

We don't mess around with boring, basic bouncers. We only offer the best, the fanciest of the fanciest, the most luxurious bounce houses out there.

Bumper Cars

Get ready to bump and grind with your pals 'til the party ends. Don't let boring parties cramp your style, let our bumper carts bring the fun!

Bubble House

Check out our bubble houses! They're not just for pictures, they're for bouncing around and having a blast! Your guests will love them, and trust us, they make for some pretty epic photo ops.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Wendy Cherrington

Real Estate Investor Entrepreneur

Let's put our hands together for Wendy's son, the true Jedi Knight! To celebrate Ryker's birthday, we've created an epic balloon arch and cake that even Darth Vader would be jealous of! So grab your lightsabers and let's get this party started. Happy birthday Ryker, may the force be with you always!

Monica Lauren

Celebrating 40 Years
Of Youth and Adolescence!

You won't believe what we did last weekend! We went all out and spruced up the golf club house for Monica's 40th birthday bash! She was thrilled with the balloons, streamers and shiny decorations. We even had a mini-golf tournament to keep the party going! It was so much fun watching everyone attempt to get a hole-in-one!

Kokakena Creations

Las Vegas Party Planner
Local Business Owner

Oh snap! Get ready to party because we joined forces with the amazing Kokakena Creations to bring on the decorations! Our pals at Kokakena Creations have joined the squad and the **BOOM** decor is en-route. Get ready to boogie down and shake a leg while these killer decorations amp the party up

Our party fees:

All deliveries have a $500 minimum order.

Bounce Houses

$425/6 hours
$50 each additional hour

Bumper Cars

$525/4 Hours
$50 each additional hour

Geared for the age group 1-7 years old 66 pounds weight limit Must use on level surface No rocks or grass

Balloon Bouquets

Starting at

Celebrate with our amazing balloon bouquets starting at just $175! With pickup or add-on options available

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