2 Powerful Freelance Pricing Strategies ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Every beginner freelancer will always ask me, “what are your freelance pricing strategies?” The answer may scare you.. ๐Ÿ˜จ

1.) Beginners/Veterans

First, I want to acknowledge the beginners watching this video right now. I will help you first and move on to advanced pricing strategies.

If you’re brand new to freelancing and don’t have any jobs, and haven’t signed to the platforms yet, (UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer) then you need to go register now.


Know Your Competition

Go to these websites and search for your service.


I am doing wordpress websites, so I search “wordpress websites”.

freelance pricing strategies

Take a good look at the other sellers. Specifically the top rated or rising talent sellers. How are the top sellers writing their titles, designing thumbnails, and pricing?

Be competitive with your pricing on these websites where tons of other freelancers are also advertising.

Freelance Competitor Pricing Strategies


Some of you reading this may already have a skill. If you already have some kind of experience, then you can get a better estimate of what you should charge for your freelance services.

Once you search for freelancers doing the same service, narrow it down by looking through profiles to find experience or past orders.

You will be able to ‘size up’ your competitors to see what they are charging.

Now you can justify your estimates based experience for your type of freelance service.

This will help you find your best match when trying to competitively price your freelance services.

Making $100 Per Day

I would never tell you to do something I haven’t tried. THESE are the ACTUAL TACTICS that took me to the 1-year-mark of freelancing full time. I am proof that you can leave your job and enjoy life on your own schedule.

You don’t need any previous experience or that much time.
I personally know dozens of people who do this as a side income.
They making around $1,500 – $6,000 per month just doing gigs on fiverr aside from their main income.

If you want to create the life you want, then all you gotta is follow a few simple steps to get there!

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